Vous pouvez aller n'importe où, voir n'importe quoi et devenir n'importe qui.

Prendre la route moins fréquentée vous permet de vous sentir en vie. Tous vos sens sont en alerte et vous êtes prêt à vivre de nouvelles expériences. Vous vivez dans le moment et vous vous adaptez constamment à votre nouvel environnement et à votre nouvelle situation. Ticino Adventures is a professional outdoor guide service built around these very principles. We live for adventure and love to share unforgettable experiences with thrill seekers from all over the world. You don’t need to be an extreme athlete to experience the best of Ticino. We’ll take you out of your comfort zone, show you the incredible beauty of Ticino and create memories that last forever! #startexploring


Zach grew up in Alaska and New Mexico, after his 6-month career as an engineer he started working as a canyon guide in Moab. Since then, he started to travel, work and buy motorbikes around the globe. He now owns a motorbike in almost every continent! When he isn’t working he is flying his paraglider, riding whatever has two wheels and in winter he is skiing all over the planet. He also guides freeride ski trips to Japan and is working on his Swiss tandem-paragliding license.

Guiding experience: Ticino and rest of Switzerland, USA, Japan, India, Malaysia.
Owner & Guide


If you can get him to stop riding his mountain bike for a minute or two, Fabio will tell you (in just about any language you want) that he’s been living in Ticino for the last 12 years because it’s such an amazing place for outdoor sports. When he’s not biking or canyoning, you can find him somewhere in the mountains, climbing or skiing, or on a beach somewhere kitesurfing.

Guiding experience: Ticino


Diane is our bundle of energy from Valais. She’s at home in every element, in summer also with us in our canyons. When she’s not working in the canyon, she drives rally cars and sings Blood Hound Gang covers.

Guiding experience: Ticino and rest of Switzerland
Guide / Base manager


Hannah ist unsere stets gutgelaunte Fee. Sie kümmert sich um alles, vom Guiding, Basis bis hin zur Leopardenmuster-Unterwäsche ihrer Mitarbeiter.
Sie ist eigentlich Britin aber da sie nicht Bier trinkt musste sie nach Wengen auswandern und lernt im Moment das Skifahren im Winter.

Guiding experience: Ticino and rest of Switzerland
Freelance Guide / Rivertour Guide


Luki lives in Bern and works for us as a freelance guide. He has worked for many years in the rafting and canyoning industry and there is absolutely nothing that phases him. When he is not working in the water he is teaching sport at the university.

Guiding experience: Ticino and rest of Switzerland
Base Manager / Lead Guide


Paulina aka ‘Ppower’ is a dutch superwoman! She studied history of art, is a ski teacher in winter & has worked with us since 2015. She is loaded with positivity & energy and we are very happy to have her in our team!

Guiding experience: Ticino


Todd is our kiwi machine. He lives in Interlaken, where he works as a carpenter. He is a sports multi-talent, famous for his skiing skills, acrobatics in the canyon and for beeing always keen for a mission. We are stoked to call him our friend and coworker since we started to work in the canyons.

Guiding experience: Interlaken, Graubünden and Ticino


De looooin en 2000, où tout a commencé ...

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    The future...

    We hope to continue offering new and challenging activities to help our adventurous explorers discover the best of Ticino!

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    The company has evolved into a larger operation, offering many different activities and adventures in the Ticino area. Fabio and Zach decide to rebrand SwissChallenge as Ticino Adventures in order to reach and inspire a wider audience!

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    Markus Lang sells the company to Fabio Marinelli and Zachary Browning. The new owners are eager to build on the reputation for quality that SwissChallenge has earned.

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    The base and headquarters are moved to Cresciano in Ticino's Riviera Valley. SwissChallenge becomes the leading organizer of canyoning and river tours in Ticino.

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    The company becomes certified through Safety in Adventures – “the Blue S”.

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    SwissChallenge opens a second base in Roveredo, in the former Centro Sportivo Vera.

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    Markus Lang founds SwissChallenge GmbH with the goal of making canyoning and other outdoor activities available to a wider audience.

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