Terms and Conditions

We are pleased that you have chosen to work with SwissChallenge GmbH and thank you for your confidence. We, therefore, invite you to read the following standard contractual terms and conditions carefully.

  • 1. Reservation

    1.1 The contract between you and Ticino Adventures (operated by SwissChallenge GmbH) as the organizer comes into being with your spoken or written reservation placed with Ticino Adventures or one of our sales offices. By your reservation you acknowledge these standard business terms and conditions as an element of the contract between you and the organizer.

  • 2. Our Services

    2.1 You will find what is included in our contractual services in the product description on our website and the statements in the confirmation/invoice.


    2.2 Travel costs, bus/train transfers, and catering and drinks are not included unless specified.


    2.3 Special requests may be catered for after discussion with the organizer. Any additional costs shall be borne by the customer.

  • 3. Liability

    3.1 Every participant in Ticino Adventures tours is aware that he/she is taking part in an outdoor adventure activity which cannot offer the comfort and safety of a normal package holiday. The particular dangers and risks found in mountains, in gorges, and on rivers are many and therefore cannot be entirely eliminated. By making your reservation you acknowledge and accept these dangers and risks. The liability of Ticino Adventures (operated by SwissChallenge GmbH) and the tour guides for any and all damage/injuries/death and claims is limited to gross negligence and deliberate acts.


    3.2 Insurance cover is the participant’s responsibility. Possessing a valid, comprehensive, accident and illness insurance policy which also includes rescue costs is a precondition for participation in Ticino Adventures’ activities. By making your reservation you certify that all members of your party carry the proper insurance coverage.


    3.3 The organizer is entitled to call on the services of third parties to provide the best service. Ticino Adventures (operated by SwissChallenge GmbH) is not responsible for the conduct, failings, or omissions of third party service providers.

  • 4. Programme changes

    4.1 In the event of uncertain weather conditions we reserve the right, for safety reasons, to amend the program and/or to change locations. Some of the canyoning tours we offer are in areas affected by power station companies. Access to these gorges is therefore not always guaranteed, in particular during flushing, repair work, or overflow. In such cases, we will make an effort to offer you the closest possible substitute service. Ticino Adventures is not responsible for any additional costs to the participant that may arise as a result of this. By making your reservation, you acknowledge and accept these conditions.

  • 5. Withdrawal by the customer

    5.1 The customer may withdraw from the contract at any time before participating in the event or tour. The date of the organizer’s receipt of the written withdrawal notice is the determining factor for the amount of refund (if any) the customer will receive, as described below. In the event of illness or accident, a doctor’s certificate must be submitted in order to receive a full refund for the affected participant.


    5.2 The following cancellation costs will be charged to you in the event of withdrawal by the customer:


    More than 30 days = 0%
    30 – 15 days before the start = 25%
    14 – 8 days before the start = 50%
    7 – 1 days before the start = 75%
    On the start day = 100%


    5.3 If the participant has not cancelled the reservation and does not appear, then he/she will have no right to a refund. If the participant is more than 30 minutes late, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the tour without refund. Please notify us if you are running late and we will attempt to find an alternative solution.


    5.4 If a participant ceases the activity early, by choice or by order of the guide for safety reasons, then he/she has no right to a refund.

  • 6. Withdrawal by the organizer

    6.1 The organizer is entitled to cancel the activity, even at short notice, if a tour cannot proceed as a result of force majeure, safety considerations or extreme weather conditions. In this event, we will try to offer an alternative date/time. Otherwise, payments already made will be refunded. The organizer accepts no further liability (travel costs, etc.).


    6.2 The tour guide is entitled to exclude from the tour any participants who are in breach of our business terms and conditions (in particular, those who do not meet the required physical condition or experience level, or who are under the influence of drugs/alcohol) or to stop the tour. In this case, there is no right to a refund.


    6.3 For all activities there is a minimum number of participants. If the minimum number of participants is not reached, the organizer may withdraw from the contract up to 36 hours before the scheduled start time. Payments already made will be refunded. The organizer accepts no further liability (travel costs, etc.).

  • 7. Conditions for participation

    7.1 Every participant will ensure that they are in the necessary physical and psychological condition for the selected tour as shown in the tour description. Participants or the group organizers are obliged to inform the tour organizer of any and all relevant health problems. Please note that the consumption of alcoholic drinks, drugs or other consciousness-altering substances before and during the activity is strictly forbidden. The organizer’s conditions for participation and the instructions of the tour guide and assistants are to be strictly observed. In the event of their being disregarded, the organizer reserves the right to exclude the offending persons or groups from the activity. In this case, there is no right to a refund.

  • 8. Payment terms

    8.1 The activities booked are to be paid for in advance. The balance is to be paid no later than 30 days before the start of the activity. For reservations made less than 30 days before the start of the activity, the total amount is to be paid immediately. Failure to make payment in good time entitles the organizer to withdraw from the contract. Any cancellation costs will be demanded from the customer in accordance with Point 5.2.

  • 9. Place of jurisdiction

    9.1 Bellinzona is the exclusive place of jurisdiction. Swiss law applies.

  • Cresciano, January 2017

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