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About us

Inspired by a life of adventure

You can go anywhere, see anything and become anyone.

Taking the road less travelled keeps you feeling alive. All your senses are on high-alert and you’re ready to embrace new experiences. You live in the moment and constantly adjust to your new environment and situation.

Ticino Adventures is a professional outdoor guide service built around these very principles. We live for adventure and love to share unforgettable experiences with thrill seekers from all over the world.

You don’t need to be an extreme athlete to experience the best of Ticino. We’ll take you out of your comfort zone, show you the incredible beauty of Ticino and create memories that last forever!


Get to know us better!


Zach grew up in Alaska and New Mexico, after his 6-month career as an engineer he started working as a canyon guide in Moab, Utah. Since then, he guided various adventure activities around the globe before settling in Ticino. When he isn’t working he is flying his paraglider, riding whatever has two wheels and in winter he is skiing all over the planet. He’s also licensed tandem paragliding pilot and raft guide.

  • SOA Canyon Guide Level 2 (trip leader)
  • SOA Raft Guide Level 1
  • Wilderness First Responder
  • SHV-FSVL Professional Tandem Paragliding
Ticino and rest of Switzerland, USA, Japan, India, Malaysia.
Canyon Jump
Canyoning and Funrafting guide

Dominic – our help from Australia! Dominic came from the other side of the world to guide in the best canyons that exist :).
You will hear him before you see him! He is insanely driven, enthusiastic, always up to do something that’s on the edge and little bit behind 😀 Endless energy, neverending jokes and fun, while his rope handling stays professional, safe and sorted. In his freetime he likes high risks activities like living in Australia, biting snakes before they bite him and explaining police why he is in Switzerland (feel free to ask him about that one). Never a dull moment with Dom!

  • SOA Canyon Guide 1
  • First Aid, White Water Rescue
Australia, New Zealand
Canyoning Guide
Canyoning and Funrafting guide, Trip Leader

If canyoning was a science, Reto would have his PhD. When he is finished with his work canyoning, he goes for some more canyons and when he is on holidays, he goes canyoning again. First descents, canyon bolting, name it and he has done it. He jumps from things that people are afraid of abseiling. His deep knowledge is inspiring and excitement for canyons contagious. If you want to know anything about canyoning, he is the right person to ask.
In winter, when he is not canyoning (yes, he does go to the canyons even in winter!), he is a professional ski teacher.
We are really lucky to have him on our team!

  • Tiroler Schluchtenführer
  • SOA Trip Leader
  • Nothelfer + BLS AED Course
Switzerland, New Zealand

Klara is from the Czech Republic and after short career as a lawyer, she escaped into the wild, lived around the planet, guided on horses in Canada, was working as a rainforest ranger in Sumatra, or also as a guide in Cuba and many various jobs in between. When she is done having fun at work, she can’t sit still, so she goes for more fun with paragliding, motorbiking, climbing, biking, diving, skiing in winter or anything active, preferably with Zach 🙂

  • SOA Canyon Guide 1
  • BLS AED + Nothelfer Courses
Canada, Switzerland, Cuba

Business history

From waaaaay back in 2000, where it all began…

The future…
We hope to continue offering new and challenging activities to help our adventurous explorers discover the best of Ticino!
Old and New Owners
Fabio Marinelli sold his share of the company to Klara Jandlova, who now runs Ticino Adventures alongside her partner and remaining owner, Zach Browning. Zach has stepped back from guiding to focus on his career as a paragliding pilot, taking on a more advisory role within the company. While Klara and her dedicated team continue to uphold the highest standards that Ticino Adventures has built over the years, Zach remains involved, ensuring the company’s legacy of excellence is maintained.
Rebrand to Ticino Adventures
The company has evolved into a larger operation, offering many different activities and adventures in the Ticino area. Fabio and Zach decide to rebrand SwissChallenge as Ticino Adventures in order to reach and inspire a wider audience!
New owners
Markus Lang sells the company to Fabio Marinelli and Zachary Browning. The new owners are eager to build on the reputation for quality that SwissChallenge has earned.
Move to Cresciano
The base and headquarters are moved to Cresciano in Ticino’s Riviera Valley. SwissChallenge becomes the leading organizer of canyoning and river tours in Ticino.
the Blue S
The company becomes certified through Safety in Adventures – “the Blue S”.
Second base
SwissChallenge opens a second base in Roveredo, in the former Centro Sportivo Vera.
Markus Lang founds SwissChallenge GmbH
…with the goal of making canyoning and other outdoor activities available to a wider audience.