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Safety first. No exceptions!

Always learning, always current.

We do our utmost to ensure your safety. This is why we obtained certification from Safety in Adventures way back in 2004. In 2020 we were certified according to the ISO 21101 standard for outdoor activities. All of our activities are subject to stringent safety regulations, which are reviewed annually by SGS.

ISO 21101

In 2020 we were certified according to the ISO 21101 standard for outdoor activities.

Swiss Outdoor Association


All of our guides have obtained training and certification through either the Swiss Outdoor Association (SOA) or the Commission International de Canyon (CIC). We endeavour to maintain this high standard of safety and quality through our own intensive annual training program.

Ticino Adventures Safety

Has Rega got you covered?

We do everything in our power to provide a safe environment for you to enjoy unique experiences. However, the reality is we’re doing activities that involve the elements (weather).

We recommend that anyone who hasn’t already signed up with Rega, do so before coming on a trip. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind should that ‘what-if’ scenario happen.

What is Rega?
Rega provides its members with emergency medical assistance by air. They operate helicopter and air-ambulances with qualified and experienced staff to carry out complicated rescue operations. They are a privately run, non-profit foundation whose only mission is the safe rescue of those in distress.

Rega is funded by its members. In return, they waive the costs of rescue missions carried out for their members in the event your insurance company are not liable to pay.

For 30chf a year, this is a ‘no-brainer’ for anyone doing adventure activities in Switzerland.